Mayor’s Letter

Xirivella is a municipality of almost 30,000 inhabitants integrated in the metropolitan area of ​​Valencia and connected to the large road infrastructure of the eastern peninsula. Its proximity to the city and the port of Valencia, the fifth in Europe in terms of merchandise volume, makes it a very attractive location for residential, industrial, commercial and logistic uses.

Beyond its economic potential, Xirivella treasures many other values ​​that makes it a unique place. Indeed, the garden that surrounds it, with an ancient network of irrigated land, accredits its flourishing agricultural tradition and represents an appreciable green lung for use and enjoyment of its inhabitants.

Xirivella is also a municipality highly committed to social progress and culture. Our ‘Casa de la Dona’( Women House) is a benchmark in terms of equality between men and women. Our “Mostra International de Pallasses i Pallassos” constitutes a mandatory stop on the European Festival of‘Clowns’.

The values ​​that the European Union represents – freedom, brotherhood and solidarity – are part of our essence as a municipality. We are people open to the World, always ready to welcome new visitors with a smile. Europe represents for Xirivella a window to other ways of being and living, as well as a common space to share our deepest democratic beliefs.

As Mayor of a dynamic and inclusive city, I express my willingness to cooperate with other European cities. And I put at your disposal our experience in all the matters we work at the municipal level: from social services to culture, from environmental awareness to the technological challenges of the next World. Xirivella would no longer understand itself if it were not from a fully Europeanist vocation. For Xirivella, Europe was the past, it is the present and it will be the future.

We invite you to meet us!